In case of acceptance, Authors will receive (an email with) a link to download the “ACM Master Article Template – Microsoft Word”. Authors have to prepare their camera ready paper according to the template. More than formating their papers, authors should follow the next steps.

Steps for preparing the Camera Ready papers and aprove the final version:

1. Authors of accepted papers will receive an email from an automated system (from These emails will instruct authors to complete their Copyright forms. ACM uses the term “rights forms” for the Copyright forms.

2. Authors have to complete the rights forms (Copyright forms).

3. After the Copyright forms are submited, authors will receive another email that will contain the “rights text” and the “bibliographic strip” that must be added to their paper.

4. Authors have to include the “rights text” and the “bibliographic strip” into their papers and next to upload their source files directly to The ACM Production System (TAPS). TAPS will generate output in PDF and HTML.

5. Authors have to approve the output (generated PDF).

This page will be updated with more detailed information, before authors have to prepare their camera ready papers.